Know Me?
Do You Know Me?

In 1973 I was seven and lived in Sacramento Ca.
I was afraid of the big Dinosaur shaped jungle gym in the play yard in front of the school.
I later went to Greer Elementary pictured below.

Greer Elimentary
I attended Greer Elementary from grades 2 through 6. My best friends were Don Rothacher, Allen Hobart and David Burk. I had a crush on Judy White. And then went to Jonas Salk middle school on Hurley Way for the seventh grade. We moved out of Sacramento to the Delta area to a place called Walnut Grove were I attended the eighth grade at Walnut Grove Junior High. While in Walnut Grove I lived on a forty one foot Catamaran Cruiser at the Walnut Grove Marina. I lived there off and on for two years. I was in Mr Perry's class and sat in the back. For the ninth grade, I was enrolled into Clarksburg High and then fell off the map completely. I had trouble at home so I moved around a lot.

Greer Elimentary
I migrated to Fresno CA were I Joined the California Conservation Corps, (the CCC) on April 4 1984. I served three weeks of the training academy and was sent to my Center at San Bernardino CA. The Patton State Hospital in Patton was the site of the CCC center there. I lived and worked there for six months and was transferred to Woodlake Center in Woodlake Ca in October 12 1985. There were no woods and there was no lake. Woodlake Center became Sequoia Center three months later and we all moved to the Porterville State Hospital in Porterville. The state run program (CCC) saved money on rent by being on a State run facility like the state hospital system.

Greer Elementary
In March of 85, my year contract in the CCC was up and I moved on to Yosemite National park and Curry Co. Were I lived for five years until moving to Fresno to join a security company and then Building maint. Were I am still for twenty years now. If anything sounds familiar feel free to email me from my google+ page. Click the square message bubble next to my name at the top. You may have to sign in but if you dont have an account, just put in any old thing. I'd love to hear from you. here