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Latest Morro Bay campout

Dude food for one. Fast alfredo

Fourth Morro Bay Morro Strand beach camp out.

Third Morro Bay Morro Strand beach camp out. Easter 2015

Copter Cam East, then West and finaly North

RC Quad Coppter.

Selfie Stick with built in remote.

External Mic wind screen for smartphones.

Morro Bay Morro Strand beach camp out.

The latest full version backpacking video.

The Renovo Trio water filter.

Charge your USB chargeable devices with 9 volt batteries.

A more realistic and practical Altoids EDC tin.

You can switch between two tins for work and off duty.

The SOL Escape Bivy from Adventure Medical

I want to talk to you about preperation.

Setting up your tent differently.

Make a Smoke signal to alert rescuers of your position.

Make a trap to draw mosquitoes away from your camp site.

The principles of bear spray.

Make a fast easy meal that weighs next to nothing

The Klymit Static V sleeping pad and a way to inflate without blowing.

Water filtration system in the wild.

Gear test 2.

Tips and tricks for backpacking.

Water filter review. Sawyer Squeeze vs Life Straw.

light weight Cook system.

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