These are the things you can do to protect yourself from the dark places on the internet. You don't have to go to disreputable sites to get whacked either. There are plenty of roaming elements that try to identify your PC. You could be in a good internet neighborhood but come into some bad weather so its important to protect yourself. The best way is virus protection. Second, run your browser through a sandbox.

A sandbox encapsulates your entire internet session so nothing can write to the hard drive. Sandbox program is an add-on like thing for Internet Explorer and FireFox that encapsulates your entire internet session into a virtual hard drive. It allows read access from the hard drive to display properly on your monitor but nothing can right to it. All internet files, Trojans, add ware are trapped in the sandbox. Then when you finish with the web you simply delete the contents of the sandbox and it all goes away! No trace that you were ever on the internet remains.

I was online and using IE7 when I got three Trojans into the sandbox. They had no effect on the hard drive and were wiped out completely when I deleted the contents of the sandbox. That was the test that meant the most to me. I don't know how I got along with out it. I use Norton Internet Security and AVG together at the same time. They work and play well together and are a nice compliment to Sandboxie. I feel a lot safer now. It can also be used to open, run or install new software that you want to test. The new software works as it is going to and if you don't like the thing or it has bad results on your system, simply delete the contents of the sandbox. With Sandboxie from you almost don't need antivirus. You gotta get this thing!
If you do get a virus that, despite your best efforts, and the efforts of your anti-virus program,, still reeks havocon your PC, try deleting the restore points in the Windows Restore folder. If that doesn't work, Wall Mart has a sale on "center" Buck right now. You might look into that. Seriously Folks, the Sandbox is the way to go. It's called "sandboxie" and it's free to download at

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